Jungle theme baby nursery. My vintage baby.

Jungle Theme Baby Nursery

jungle theme baby nursery

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jungle theme baby nursery - NoJo Jungle

NoJo Jungle Babies Night Light

NoJo Jungle Babies Night Light

Nojo NoJo Jungle Babies Night LightBabies will go wild for NoJo Jungle Babies night light, has a room sensor turns night light on and off automatically. Night is UL listed, and uses a standard seven watt night light bulb and full line of matching nursery bedding and room decor available.Features include: -Babies will go wild for NoJo Jungle Babies night light, has a room sensor turns night light on and off automatically-Night is UL listed, and uses a standard 7 watt night light bulb-Full line of matching nursery bedding and room decor available

78% (18)

Jungle Cakes

Jungle Cakes

Cupcakes for a premature baby who finally gets to come home! Nursery is a jungle theme.

A very special thank you to Flickr memeber, jdesmeules, and owner of the Blue Cupcake for her permission to use her cute monkey design!!!

Blanket for baby J

Blanket for baby J

My sister recently had a baby and she wanted something besides the traditional blue for a boy. Since the nursery is a jungle theme I went with greens. I think I might make a blanket for myself out of this yarn. It's so soft!

jungle theme baby nursery

jungle theme baby nursery

The Jungle

The Jungle was written about the corruption of the American meatpacking industry during the early 20th century. Although Sinclair originally intended to focus on industrial labor and working conditions, food safety became the most pressing issue. Sinclair's account of workers' falling into rendering tanks and being ground, along with animal parts, into "Durham's Pure Leaf Lard", gripped public attention. The morbidity of the working conditions, as well as the exploitation of children and women alike that Sinclair exposed showed the corruption taking place inside the meat packing factories. Foreign sales of American meat fell by one-half. Considered a classic and important example of the muckraking tradition of journalism.

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