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Rude Baby Onesies

rude baby onesies

  • An infant's one-piece close-fitting lightweight garment, usually having sleeves but leaving the legs uncovered and fastening with snaps at the crotch

  • Jacks (sometimes called jackstones, jackrocks, fivestones, onesies, knucklebones, or snobs) is a playground game for children.

  • An infant bodysuit is a garment designed to be worn by infants much like a t-shirt; they are distinguished from t-shirts by an extension below the waist, with snaps or Velcro that allow it to be closed over the crotch.

  • (onesie) A one-piece garment for an infant or small child, generally worn over a diaper

  • Offensively impolite or ill-mannered

  • Having a startling abruptness

  • uncivil: lacking civility or good manners; "want nothing from you but to get away from your uncivil tongue"- Willa Cather

  • ill-mannered: socially incorrect in behavior; "resentment flared at such an unmannered intrusion"

  • Referring to a taboo subject such as sex in a way considered improper and offensive

  • ill-bred: (of persons) lacking in refinement or grace

  • a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"

  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born

  • A young or newly born animal

  • The youngest member of a family or group

  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

  • the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young); "the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"

rude baby onesies - Carter's 5

Carter's 5 Pack Boys Stripe/Solid Wiggle In Bodysuit Onesies (6 Month)

Carter's 5 Pack Boys Stripe/Solid Wiggle In Bodysuit Onesies (6 Month)

CARTER'S BRAND NEW WITH TAGS BABY BOYS 5-PACK 100% COTTON KNIT SHORT SLEEVE BODYSUITS!! Size 6 months. This 5-pack of short sleeve lightweight cotton knit bodysuits has three bodysuits which are pinstriped and two which are solids. Of the three pinstriped, one is red and white with a small applique on the front of a baseball and two bats, one is orange and white with a small applique of a blue fish on the front, and one is navy and white with a small applique on the front of a car carrying a surfboard. Of the two solid bodysuits, one is a light blue color with a small applique on the front of a smiling red fire engine and the other is green with a small applique of a rocket ship on the front. Each bodysuit has an expandable neck for easy on/off and three snaps at the crotch for easy changes. WEAR ALL YEAR!! RETAILS FOR $24.00!!

79% (12)

Aftermath: The Onesies

Aftermath:  The Onesies

Andrea was so tickled by the onesies made for Miles. So the task was recreated here, to great effect. Some awesome outfits were created. My favorite: a coffee mug with the inscription: "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn." Sounds better than "Bristol," amirite?



My mom had the idea of decorating onesies with permanent markers at the shower. It started out fine, but everyone became so intimidated by her art abilities she ended up making half of them herself.

rude baby onesies

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