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Things Newborn Babies Need

things newborn babies need

    newborn babies
  • (newborn baby) neonate: a baby from birth to four weeks

  • An infant or baby is the very young offspring of humans. A newborn is an infant who is within hours, days, or up to a few weeks from birth.

  • An object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to

  • Personal belongings or clothing

  • (thing) a special situation; "this thing has got to end"; "it is a remarkable thing"

  • Objects, equipment, or utensils used for a particular purpose

  • any movable possession (especially articles of clothing); "she packed her things and left"

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things newborn babies need - Mothering the

Mothering the New Mother: Women's Feelings & Needs After Childbirth: A Support and Resource Guide

Mothering the New Mother: Women's Feelings & Needs After Childbirth: A Support and Resource Guide

For the expectant and new mom, freshly updated and designed, this acclaimed all-in-one support guide focuses on all aspects of the postpartum experience.

The nine chapters in this comprehensive guide include resources, networks, information, stories, and advice to nurture, validate, and empower the new mother, whether she is having her first baby or her third. Among the subjects covered are: what to expect when you go home; what is this period called "postpartum" and how long does it last; where to find breastfeeding help; how to ask for help; homecare options; what are realistic going-back-to-work options; how to relieve the isolation of at-home mothers; what to say (and not to say) to family members. Drawn from three years of research and the author's own experience, each chapter is filled with the practical suggestions and hands-on solutions provided by doctors, nurses, midwives, other caregivers, policymakers, and over 100 new mothers. Also included are many real-life stories told by women in their own voices; checklists; a prenatal and postpartum questionnaire to help assess and plan needs; reading lists; resource listings; and a separate chapter for second-, third-, or more-time moms.

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16 things thing

16 things thing

Tagged by Paula/Xie Kitchen.

This is a pic of me when I got married just over a year ago. I haven't posted any pics of my wedding so I thought I'd choose this one.

1. I fight with my husband about who gets to sleep on the side of the bed closest to my son's cot. He always wants to, but I only let him every now and then. Before the baby came, it was actually Mick's side so he's used to being there. It's like who gets the window seat on a plane journey, only way better.

2. I hate/fear talking to people on the phone - even friends and family. I'll put off phoning people I really care about for weeks/months. Usually, once I do it I have no idea what I was so worried about. I think I need to see a face to help me work out how people are responding to what I say. Without a face, I feel uneasy.

3. When I was little I would secretly smear toothpaste on my arms before going to bed, then lick it off before going to sleep as a 'midnight feast'.

4. I love Nate so much, I could never have imagined loving someone like this before he arrived. It's a cliche, I know, but it's overused because it's so true.

5. I once threw myself down the stairs of our old victorian house wearing ten coats, (one on top of the other for padding) and a moterbike crash helmet. It was a drunken challenge carried out by the lads, and I think I was the only girl to do it. I am still quite proud. Really hurt my bum though...

6. I don't have a tattoo, but have always secretly fancied one. Mick isn't keen on them and my Mum wouldn't want me to have one. Up until now I've never loved anything enough to want it permanently marked on my body. But since having Nate, I'd quite like to have his name (Nathaniel) on me, in small but lush text somewhere discreet/hidden.

7. I am a starter, not a finisher, a dreamer not a doer. I must have literally hundreds of unfinished projects scattered around the house. I like to make lists of things to do but never complete them. I even tried to do that 101 things in 101 days and only ever got to think of about 70 things before the list bit the dust somewhere. For example, I have two quilts (one machine and one hand pieced), one knitted baby cardigan (newborn size so Nate can never wear it now!), one embriodery sampler, 2 crocheted blankets,2 altered books, several dolly dresses, countless paintings/sketches/journals/scrapbooks - all of which I haven't finished. I borrow books and films and read/watch half. And when you factor in all the things I buy (art and craft supplies/fabric etc) or save (tins/jars, images, photos, ephemera) intending to create something with them, it really becomes ridiculous. I feel like I am inspired by so many things that I'm already thinking about the next one before I can finish what I'm doing or planned to do. It really pees me off actually. Perhaps 2009 could be the year I organise my feckless self and complete them all. That would be nice. And in the meantime, if you lot could stop posting such interesting stuff...

8. My favourite band is Jane's Addiction.

9. I have a stong conviction that Mick and I are meant to be together and will be until one of us snuffs it. It's nice to feel like that. I never thought I'd trust someone who doesn't 'have to' love me that much.

10. I hated my old surname/maiden name, Bedwell, so much so that I used to dread telling people what it was. It sounds so much like something out of a Bond/Austin Powers movie (Felicity Shagwell??) that I was constantly ridiculed, even in job interviews! The really witty and original would ask, "Do you? Ahuh huh huh!?!"

No mate...I'm rubbish actually.

Thank god I'm now married and have become a very boring Mrs Carter. Also, if you spell my first name (Melissa) backwards, and then pronounce it phonetically, it's pretty damn close to asylum - assilem, see? This never failed to amuse my school friends. But what's in a name, eh? *L*

11. Now I'm older, I don't really like going out to socialise unless it is to someone's house! I hate it when it's too loud to hear what people are saying and you have to queue for hours just to get a drink. I much prefer a good house party/gathering.

12. Having a baby has made me a lot more anxious and stressed out than I used to be. I hadn't bargined on that, but with hindsight it's obvious it would. I was laid back by nature before, so don't enjoy feeling wound up all the time now. I worry I'm doing stuff wrong and messing him up somehow. I worry about him loads! He's happy, content, curious, loving and healthy so my rational brain tells me I must be doing something right but to date I haven't managed to shake the anxious feeling. My sister-in-law said she had a knot in her stomach for the first 6 months of her first child's life. I can relate to that. Only one more month to go then...I hope.

13. I want to have more babies. But not for a while.

14. I really don't want to go back to work in June, but think I'll have to, for a while at least. Need two in

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Meet Cody, my 6 day old nephew delivered by myself on Tuesday morning by huge surprise.

It's been a horrendously busy, hectic, stressful week to say the least but I will never forget Tuesday 28th July!!

My other sister called me at 7.50am and asked if I would come down as Kelly was in labour and she had to go and get ready for work. I arrived at Kelly and Matthew's house by 8.30am. Kelly was coping really well with contractions, i got her up to go to the loo and she said she felt the urge to push! I told her that was quite normal and she asked for me to help her back to bed. Hubby called me at 9.20am to ask how things were and I said fine and that I would call him back in 5 mins as Kelly wanted to go into hospital NOW! (We were waiting for Matthews mum to arrive as she was driving them in). Just as I put the phone down I told Matthew to call for an ambulance. Kelly looked at me and said I feel something down there!! I told her I needed to look, I then looked at her and said baby is coming now and that she needed to push on her next contraction. With that she gave one push and out popped his head, his wee face began to look blue, so I tried to stimulate him where he then turned round and slowly moved his head. I yelled at Matthew "where's the fooking ambulance", Kelly saw me panic for a split second so I had to calm myself and said "everything is fine but you need to push on the next contraction". She gave another push, and baby Cody was born at 9.30am. I unravelled the cord, gave him a clean till he cried and placed him on Kelly's tummy and waited a further 10-15 mins for the ambulance to arrive. The best present an auntie could ever wish for!

I then did her dishes and went to the hairdresser for my hair appointment an hour later than I should have been!

things newborn babies need

things newborn babies need

100 Things I Wish I Knew in My Baby's First Year: Keys to Making Parenting Easier and Baby Happier (100 Ideas For The Early Years)

100 Things I Wish I Knew in My Baby’s First Year is an easy to read parenting resource that addresses key challenges and questions that new parents will face in their baby’s first year. The information included in the book is based on the most frequently expressed concerns of new parents, extensive research, and personal experience. This book is arranged into 100 stand-alone topics, making it easy to read and lending itself well to time-constrained new parents or parents to be. Its chock full of real world advice that new parents will appreciate.>

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