Dolls Like Real Babies

dolls like real babies

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  • Dolls is a film directed by horror director Stuart Gordon and released in 1987, after Gordon's success with Re-Animator. The film was shot in Italy in 1985. Dolls has taken credit for having inspired several similar "killer doll" movies since, most prominently Child's Play.

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dolls like real babies - Little Mommy

Little Mommy Dancy Dancy Baby Doll

Little Mommy Dancy Dancy Baby Doll

Little Mommy Dancy Dancy Baby DollThis engaging doll is ready to dance with you and show off her best moves. When you dance, she dances to 3 fun songs and she interacts with you with lots of sweet and silly phrases. Motion sensors activate her fun and silly dance moves and phrases. The Dancy Dancy Baby doll is a fun-loving baby doll for any little girl. Product Dimensions: 12 (L) x 5.5 (W) x 15 (H)Age: 2 years and up

Get ready for an interactive dance party with the Fisher-Price Little Mommy Dancy Dancy Doll. Designed for children age two and older who enjoy dancing and playing "mommy," this motion sensor activated doll is ready to dance whenever you are, featuring more than 20 phrases and sounds plus 3 different songs for endless dancing fun! For ages 2 and up.
Doll Image

Get ready to dance the day away with the Little Mommy Dancy Doll!

Lifestyle Dancing Image

Little Mommy Dancy Doll shows off her best moves!

Motion Sensor Activated Doll Creates Interactive Dancing Fun for Your Little "Mommy".
This sweet and energetic toddler comes dressed in her favorite dance outfit – a music-themed, printed leotard and tutu. She has posable arms for a variety of dance moves, a bobble head, and adorable pigtails with pretty pink bows that bob while she’s dancing. The doll's special motion sensor “knows” when your child moves and responds with dance movement and silly sounds, phrases or music. A button on her foot can also be pressed to start her dancing. The doll has a set of 3 unique songs to dance to and more than 20 silly sounds and phrases that include “I’m a silly dancer!” “Can you do it like me?” “Go baby, go baby!” and “I love you, Mommy.”
Multiple Modes of Play
This engaging doll is ready to dance with you and show off her best moves. When you dance, she dances, to 3 fun songs and she interacts with you with lots of sweet and silly phrases. Dancy Dancy doll comes with 3 AA batteries so playtime can begin as soon as you get her home. Once she is removed from her package, she will be in “Try Me” mode with the motion sensors deactivated. To activate the motion sensor play, simply locate the switch on her lower back (underneath her outfit), right below the battery door and move the switch to the “On” position, which is designated by an open circle icon.
Mom Friendly and Girl Friendly Modes of Play
In “On” mode (marked by an open circle icon), the motion sensor allows her to sense your child’s movements and respond with movement and silly phrases. You can also opt to put the doll in “Music Off” mode (marked by a musical note with a line through it), so your child can dance with the doll to her own favorite songs. In this mode, the doll will still sense motion and respond with dance movements, silly sounds, and phrases, but she will not play any music.
What's In The Box?
Little Mommy Dancy Dancy doll, 3 AA batteries, and instructions.
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Dream Baby Doll 1961 Dee Cee Canada

Dream Baby Doll 1961 Dee Cee Canada

Dream Baby Doll 1961 Dee Cee Canada

This big baby doll was made in 1961 by the Dee An Cee doll company and named “Dream Baby”. Dee an Cee operated in canada from 1938 – 1964. It was sold to Mattel in 1962 and after 1964 the name was no longer used. Dee an Cee had the Canadian rights to make Chatty Cathy dolls in Canada.
They are known for producing high quality dolls that are well dressed.
This Dream Baby doll is a big baby type doll measuring 19” long, it has a chubby and the weight of a real 4-6month old baby. The entire body is made from soft vinyl with jointed hips , shoulders and neck. The limbs are bent and curled like a real baby. The doll has blue sleep eyes with real lashesand painted lower lashes, rooted coarse blond straight hair and an open mouth nurser with hole.
The doll is marked on the head and back Dee Cee.
This doll is in very nice vintage condition, her hair is a bit coarse as is this type of material, but with no missing plugs . Her eyelashes are excellent, the body is clean and undamaged with good colour,except for 3 smudges 2 on the upper back and one on the buddocks.
The doll will come dressed in a vintage nylon dress with matching panties and slip. Her original clothing was a dress and bonnet but this looks just as cute.
The dress is made form yellow nylon and has two rows of frills at the hem and one at the bodice and neck, the puffy sleeves are lace trimmed . A yellow and green flower and bow decorate the neck and two other flowers are found at the bodice. A yellow crepey slip with back button closure is worn under the dress and matching panties with lace trimmed elastic gathered legs complete the outfit.
This is a lovely doll so much like a real baby, cute awake or asleep. She would be wonderful displayed in a vntage crib or carriage.

Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

These two dolls, bought separately, are anatomically correct. The boy (right) has a penis and the girl is made like a real girl down there. The other differences are mostly due to the fact that they were made at different times, but it's nice to be able to tell them apart without having to undress them. The girl's name is Destiny while the boy's name is Michael, and both of them have glassy blue eyes. Destiny is about 16 inches long and Michael is over 17 inches long.

dolls like real babies

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